Subtracting, It’s Delicious!

Subtraction is repeatedly taking some away.  Subtraction leads to division, which is repeatedly subtracting the same number.  Therefore! Start teaching your toddler the idea of taking something away.  Food and treats work great!

Here my son is about to eat his treats. First we count how many he has: 12 gummies.  Then I let him eat 2 gummies. We talk about how they are gone and they aren’t coming back! We count the gummies again.  I have him eat two more, count what’s left, and repeat until he has eaten all of them.

Use these vocabulary words and phrases to describe subtracting:

  • Subtracting
  • Take away
  • Remove

For older children, ask them the following questions:

  • What did we take away or eat over and over? (2 gummies)
  • How many did we start with? (12 gummies)
  • How many times did you eat 2 gummies? (6 times)

Get creative and use fruit, candy, cereal, marshmallows, cookies, and more!



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